Agama Group

Provides consulting regarding regulation, public policy, 
design and contracting associated with technology

Telecommunications Regulation and Policy

Advice, strategy, submissions

National Security

Compliance, Infrastructure, Supply Chains

Security, Privacy and Data

Practice, Compliance, Regulations


Spectrum, Strategy, Regulation, Policy

Internet of Things

Contact Agama Group for help with the design, deployment and integration of an Internet of Things solution for your business, industry or organisation.

Consumer and Business

Contact Agama Group for help with consumer and business telecommunications and networking, mobiles, VoIP, satellite and cloud.


Practice, strategies and assistance

Regulation And Policy

consumer, technical, state and federal, mandatory data retention, telecommunications sector security reforms, encryption and interception

Security, Privacy And Data

security practice and regulations, compliance, data breach, artificial intelligence, machine learning and analytics

Consumer And Business

Strategy, design and implementation, 5G, mobiles, networks, VOIP, streaming media


spectrum, 5G, mobile, satellite, strategy, regulation, policy

Internet Of Things

Deployment, integration, cloud systems, security

National Security

compliance with foreign influence transparency scheme, security of critical infrastructure and the security of supply chains

Legal, Tenders, Contracts
And Expert Witness

Reports, submissions, advice, technologies,
plans, reviews and support

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