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Technology, Regulation, Policy, Consulting

Agama Group is a leading consulting organisation that provides advice and assistance with a range of technology related projects and business outcomes. Our extensive experience with government regulation and policies will help you achieve successful outcomes.

Why Agama Group?

Agama Group has extensive experience working with business, industry, government and other organisations on complex projects, regulation and policy. Our focus is telecommunications, radiocommunications, Internet of Things, software, computer networking and privacy and security.

Our principal has extensive media experience, and this knowledge is practically applied when working with clients. Careful, accurate and precise are key requirements, and our experience is publically demonstrated in most major Australian media.

Agama Group can help you develop public policy submissions that aim to highlight the direction that government regulation and policy should take. Developing the approach for a submission on regulation or public policy can often be difficult and this is where our experience can provide a way forward.

Working Together

By working with our clients, Agama Group achieves positive project outcomes. As a consulting company, our goal is to achieve the targets set by our clients.

Expert Knowledge

Expert knowledge is vital and Agama Group brings together consultants that have the expertise required to achieve complex projects.

An Experienced Team

Agama Group brings together experienced consultants to work on projects. Our team is focused on helping you achieve your goals.

Communication Is Key

Agama Group understands that the best way to ensure that a project is achieved on time and budget is to communicate regularly with clients and to be accessible at all times.